Will it be Trump vs Hillary for POTUS? And is Present Day Politics Really the Nastiest It’s Ever Been?


Well, the creation of social media has certainly fueled the fire of nastiness, not too mention the rise (and fall) of our triggered SJW’s (social justice wusses…..err, warriors).

“So I guess the biggest takeaway is, yes, this election cycle is bizarre. But it’s no more bizarre than the election in 1800…”

“… wherein Jefferson accused Adams of being a hermaphrodite and Adams responded by [spreading rumors] that Jefferson died, so Adams would be the only viable candidate. He was counting on news to travel slow! That, weirdly, gives me hope.”

Said Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of the very popular musical “Hamilton”) in his Rolling Stone interview, which is also prominently quoted in Maureen Dowd’s new column, “John Adams Was a Hermaphrodite?”

Dowd’s column is mostly about Hillary’s unlikability and Trump’s wily fighting style. I’ll just quote this, because it made me laugh (and it’s arguably genitalia-related):

Trump speculated at his rally that Hillary might share sensitive information with her aide Huma Abedin who might share it with her husband, saying: “I know Anthony Weiner. I don’t want him knowing anything. And I never, ever want him to tweet me.”

So, of course, Weiner tweated [sic] immediately and incoherently: “Wait, is he talking to me. I’ll hit that guy with so many rights, he’ll be begging for a left.”Anyway… did Jefferson say Adams was a hermaphrodite? I found this:
Jefferson’s camp accused President Adams of having a “hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.”

In return, Adams’ men called Vice President Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.”



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