Trump and Hillary, Unprincipled and Undignified


I still have an inkling my prediction 6 months ago may come true:
Biden/Warren vs Cruz/Jindal-Rubio-Fiorina-Haley or Carson.

So, here we go………..

One has never needed to ask forgiveness, the other one says she has never lied.

Hillary and Trump each have more people who despise them than like them.

A party that is smart and serious enough to defeat Trump is not one that would nominate Hillary.

With Trump versus Hillary, you can tell which party has more integrity by how many vow not to vote for their nominee.

The Trump people say they’re against the establishment, but the establishment are more likely to rally around Trump than conservatives.

Movie Pitch: Somehow, the two most unlikeable people in the country end up as the two presidential candidates. And then they fall in love.

You can call the Repub debates a clown show, but you’re as bad as a Trump voter if you try to pretend the #DemDebate is smart and reasonable.

Dems are going to have trouble attacking Trump on anything and not being seen as hypocritical b/c he’s a fun house mirror version of them.

And…. there’s a very good chance that Hillary will face an FBI indictment and Donald Trump will testify in a class-action lawsuit against Trump University. Out of 330 million people in the USA and we’re narrowing our choices between these 2?

h/t for some – witmaster Frank J. at IMAO



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