Spring Break 2016 – The Grand Canyon

Spring Break 2016, Grand Canyon- We conquered Camelback Mtn a few times, parts of Superstition Mtns, Squaw Peak, South Mtn and we were called into the belly of the beast: The Grand Canyon! Wow, what a treat! Spectacular, gorgeous, stunning, just a magnificent work of God’s art. Probably could’ve taken more photo’s but thinking 1 misstep would send me down 1,000 feet 😱 All day hike was amazing and a bit tough. Daniella’s legs are made of rubber, she has no bones, she just flew on the way up. Derrek’s insight into the new Captain America movie in May was awesome as well as all things The Hobbit and BatMan. Great time!

From the top of the canyon….

Just the 3 of us this time, with Daniella and Derrek right after we finished up the all day hike into the Grand Canyon


Don’t tip to the left!


Pretty tired here…….


Derrek, the coolest kid you’d ever meet!


Named this critter “Pony”…as in “hey man, can’t you pony up some food for a lil’ squirrel like me?”


Bringing in supplies…


Down near the creek




D&D just before we set out. A little chilly, about 43 degrees.



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