My 2 cents worth in this far too early 2016 Presidential race.
Biden/Warren vs ?/Fiorina

Now there’s a helluva cat fight in the works!

Hillary is over. Far, far too many improprieties, untrustworthy and to get right down to it, she’s out of touch with old ideas (not that Biden is any different, but there you have the current Dem party). President Obama will do whatever he can to ensure his legacy won’t be derailed by a Hillary presidency, will highly encourage the gaffe riddled Uncle Joe to run. Though very doubtful, wouldn’t count out John Kerry as VP. Who else is there except the self proclaimed American Indian, Elizabeth Warren? Democrat party = old white people.

? = Walker, Cruz or Rubio. IMO, Trump will fade, something from his past will derail him. Not that I want him to, just a gut feeling.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are similar players for their respective party. Trump is preventing the right from moving left and people are digging that. Bernie Sanders is moving the left further left, the media is letting that slide thereby making his self proclaimed Socialist ideology more “mainstream”. He might make a cool grandpa, but there’s no way on earth he’s going to become leader of the free world.

Walker has got the total package but needs Cruz’s tenacity, great accomplishments in a blue state. Cruz, no doubt the most intellectual on both sides and labeled by liberal Harvard law professorAlan Dershowitz as “off the charts brilliant”…, he and Rubio are easily the most gifted speakers and would bury Obama in a debate (teleprompters are not in their repertoire). Rubio’s like-ability factor is tough to beat, besides …he’s got a great story to tell not too mention a pretty solid platform.

The Republicans will continue as the party of diversity and will put the impressive Carly Fiorina as VP. Couple that with the 1st Hispanic as President and you’ll see the Democrat party twisting in knots for years to come.

One last item, if Dr. Ben Carson gets the nod, what does that say to every single one on the left who cried “racism” when Republicans denounced Obama?
Even if he doesn’t, what does that say anyway?

Heh, heh…..the knots would be so tightly twisted…talk about pretzel logic.

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