Canoe Trip – Mogollon Rim, AZ

Had a re-scheduled Boy Scouts trip this past weekend, the boys got a chance to earn their Canoe Merit Badge. We are just north of Payson AZ on the Mogollon Rim at Knoll Lake at an elevation just over 7,000 feet,  about 10 miles past Bear Canyon Lake.


Above, my son Derrek reveling in the awesomeness of our campsite. Just after this photo was taken, Derrek and I went for a hike and had an encounter with a nice Elk about 40 yard from us.


We had 6 canoe’s total, here we are getting ready to head on out.


The boys going for a nice refreshing swim.


Getting ready for our Sunday morning jaunt to a little island where we docked our canoe’s and hiked a bit.


Canoe’s are docked and hiking on up the island mountain…….beautiful view.


Derrek, getting ready to descend on down to the canoe’s.


This photo taken just after 6am on Sunday morning…..a very cool, crisp, clear morning. Absolutely beautiful!


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