How We Decide To Vote

Dennis Prager continues his series on left/right differences with this observation:

And feelings — not reason — is what liberalism is largely about. Reason asks: “Does it do good?” Liberalism asks, “Does it feel good?”

He goes through any number of excellent examples from the minimum wage debate to the self-esteem movement, but he does not examine the effects of of this observation on voting patterns and how much it has crept from left to center, and maybe even right.

While it is completely politically incorrect to say it, it seems baldly apparent that this phenomena played more than a small role in the two elections of our current president.  But my real concern is what role it will play in the coming election, and especially in the GOP primary. Continue Reading

Here’s Differences Between Left and Right: Part I

and….Differences Between Left and Right, Part II: Battling Society vs. Battling Yourself


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