Camping With The Boy Scouts

We dared it to rain…….it did…….again!

Camping up near the Mogollon Rim just NE of Payson, AZ in the Tonto National Forest with 22 Boy Scouts.
The boys had to backpack everything in…tent, sleeping bag, food, propane stove, water, you name it, then carry everything out. Went on a great hike, took on a bit of rain and mud, ate and spooked a few kids out with some wicked ghost stories 👻. 7 of the older kids were prepping for their 10 day Alaska trip in 2 weeks, all had a great time. How can you not?
Take some time to check out the BSA, in this day and age (especially), there isn’t a finer way to complement your boys upbringing and preparing/challenging them for this awesome experience we call life.

It’s a travesty that the coverage regarding anything with the Boy Scouts is negative. The good that the BSA, the Scout Leaders do is nearly immeasurable and the political hacks who do their best to discredit this organization is disengenious and pathetic. The Scout Masters and leaders who lead these kids invest an incredible amount of time, preparation, certification….and money to insure the kids are properly prepared with the best in instruction and safety.

In the age of iPods/phones/gaming, an organization like the Boy Scouts is often overlooked and downplayed, but be assured, if you want to instill confidence, life skills and leadership with your son, the Boy Scouts of America is an outstanding choice now more than ever!







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