Megyn Kelly Scolds the Cowardly Media: Anjem Choudary Threatens Pam Geller to Her Face

A lot of Fox’s hosts have been CNN-quality on this; some haven’t.

Megyn Kelly continued to be stalwart.

Pamela Geller appeared on Hannity, along with Anjem Choudary. The debate was over whether Geller should be murdered. Now, Anjem doesn’t quite say she should be murdered, but remember, that’s because he’s a coward; he limits what he says precisely per what he can say without England deporting him, or jailing him.

That’s why he cannot explicitly say he supports ISIS. Instead, he’ll say something like “Of course, every righteous Muslim supports ISIS,” without saying the he himself does, or that he’s a righteous Muslim.

So when he says here that, you know, of course believing Muslims are required to think Geller should be put to death, that’s his way of saying Kill Her without going to jail for incitement.

And watch this guy smile his way through the interview.


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