Megyn Kelly, Shooting Down Bill O’Reilly’s Cowardly Stance ………

……on the Garland Shooting: “Should We Get Rid of All the Jews, Too?”

O’Reilly is a pretty thoughtless man, given to the sort of rantings of the Lunchbucket Philosopher, basing his philosophy not on Judeo-Christian teachings, as he never tired of cliche-ing, but on his visceral gut reactions.

Do I like this? Do I not like this? Does this bother me in my gut?

Megyn Kelly,  unlike Bill O’Reilly, a smart and cutting thinker who is more than capable of thinking in terms of abstraction and cool reasoning, and here she takes heated exception to Bill O’Reilly’s cowardly carping about Ms. Gellar and how he wouldn’t have made the point in quite that way.

Oh? We’re criticizing Pamela Gellar, a woman who was just the subject of a jihadi assassination attempt and who may well be a marked woman for the rest of her life, on dithering matters of tone and style?

And we need to do this now? We need to trot out the smug and absolutely unexamined, absolutely thoughtless vanities of Upper Middle Class Respectability and attack Ms. Gellar for not doing it in quite the way we would have, even as, in all likelihood, she scrambles to find long-term security to protect her life?

For drawing a cartoon?

Pamela Gellar is fearless.

Pamela Gellar, for whatever reason, is utterly immune to the thuggish enforcements of conformity imposed by the Social Justice Warrior and their publicity department, which we know as the legacy media.

Pamela Gellar chose to remain adamant about beliefs she formed after 9/11 — beliefs that most of us once had, at least for a time — even as many of us walked away from such beliefs, whether because we believed our initial reactions to 9/11 were overreactions, or because, as in many of our cases, the social costs of keeping on with a 9/12 mentality proved too high, so it became easier to subsume ourselves into the warm, soporific bath of the leftist-dominated Politico-Media Consensus.

That is to say, when many of us — and here I include myself — chose to stop talking so much about the Islamist threat, not because the Islamist threat had receded, but because the social tolerance for talking about the Islamist threat receded into almost nothing, Pam Gellar soldiered on, unbowed.

Pamela Gellar has more stones than most men, most anyone on this earth.

Megyn Kelly, she’s tough too. What a duo.



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