To Hell With Silence

“Not every truth is the better for showing it face undisguised; and often silence is the wisest thing for a man to heed.”
-Pindar 518-438 B.C.



My first inclination that something was disconcertingly portentous about Islam were my discoveries of all the grandiloquent anti-Jewish texts in the Quran, how they sounded so much like something Ernst Zundel might have written were he born in the time of the Prophet Mohammed. Upon this discovery, like the revelation that David Irving was more an anti-Jewish bigot than a serious historian, I rejected Islam outright. The many verses in the Quran vilifying and demonizing Jews far outweigh the few verses cautioning Muslims to respect the “people of the book.” Anything anti-Jewish, whether religion, friendship or restrictions for memberships at golf courses and social clubs, is reason enough in my world for public condemnation and rejection.

Accept it or not, both Islam and Nazism are anti-Jewish ideologies, and anyone who says otherwise, whether expert or not, is a liar. Why would I reject Nazism because of its anti-Jewish ideology and yet accept Islam despite its anti-Jewish ideology? How should I feel contempt for Nazism and not feel contempt for Islam? Why is anti-Jewish hatred a reason to condemn Nazism but not a reason to condemn Islam? Why is it permissible for the Muslim to condemn Zionism and the very limited Jewish existence in the Middle East but not permissible for Jew and Christian to condemn Sharia and Islam’s primary goal of religious and political preponderance upon the face of the Earth? Efraim Karsh has written, “…66 years after its establishment by an internationally recognized act of self-determination, the Jewish state remains the only state in the world whose right to self-defence, indeed to national existence, is constantly challenged.” Or in the famous and dark words of Lord Byron, “The wild dove hath her nest, the fox his cove, mankind their country—Israel but the grave.”

The western world’s reluctance to finally and absolutely objurgate Islam the religion has become a modern day version of Euclid’s “bridge of asses”—a judgement too difficult for apologists and wishful thinkers and sycophantic politicians to cross over. What more proof do they need? Jonathan Halevi writes, “the ideas of the caliphate, jihad as a legitimate tool to spread Islam globally, and the belief in the prophecy of Muhammad regarding Rome are shared by the great majority of Islamic movements and organizations, including the international movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafi movement, Hezb a-Tahrir, the Islamic Jihad, al-Jama’a al-Islamiya, al-Qaeda and its affiliates, Hamas, Hizbullah, and the Iranian regime, among others.” These “ideas”, after all, especially the concept of using “jihad as a legitimate tool to spread Islam globally,” have been entertained and employed by Muslims in every generation since the time of Mohammed. How absurd, therefore, that today, while the world watches videos of Christians being beheaded by ISIS psychopaths, Muslim apologists and wispy-headed journalists yet insist these atrocities are tangential of Islam proper and could never be the proliferation and terrorist ontogenesis of a religious war between Islam and all other faiths.

In one of his no-nonsense essays for Ariel Centre for Policy Research, Raphael Israeli writes, “A paradox has been in the works: had the Muslim countries been so certain, as they claim, that no Muslim element was involved in the anti-American onslaught, then why are they reluctant to join the battle against the perpetrators? In fact, they know exactly where the terrorists had come from, that all those involved were Muslims, their doctrine Muslim, their financing from Muslim sources, their constituencies Muslim and their goal Muslim.” The Christians have a proverb: “That which is most secret shall be shouted from the rooftops.” Well, the truth everyone is shouting from the rooftops these days, what so many of our opponents and/or enemies are trying to keep secret, is that Islam (with or without jihad) is totally insalubrious and completely unacceptable for Western man and our democratic way of life. Islam makes the terrorist: this is the undisguised truth most of the free world now acknowledges secretly but is afraid to admit to publicly, in my opinion. Islam gave birth to ISIS. No one “hijacked” Islam to perpetrate atrocities like the Beslan massacre in Russia or America’s 9/11. Our survival now hinges on how soon Western leaders will open their eyes to this malefic reality. Now is the time to show this truth with its face undisguised.

To hell with silence.



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