Fall Break Action in Arizona

An impromptu road trip from Phoenix (well make that east Mesa) through the Apache Trail (a magnificent, scenic ride), through Payson then up to Flagstaff to visit the “Snow Bowl”…..12,500 feet elevation. Snow should hitting there in a couple of weeks.

A few hundred thousand years ago the San Francisco Peaks (Snow Bowl) reached an elevation of over 16,600 feet before taking the volcano route!

Here we are just before takeoff on the ski lift, sans snow, to the top – 11,500 ft.

oct14, 1

On the way up…..

oct14, 6

Going down…….

oct14, 4

Look at the mountain just above daughter Daniella on the left (the little blondie next to her is her BFF), jus to the left and behind it is the Grand Canyon…can’t see it, but it’s there!

oct14, 5

Another view from the top, don’t know who that guy is or why I had to take it with him in. Might have been the fact that we were told it was to be 51 degrees at the 11,500+ elevation when it turned out to be 35 degrees and a bit windy….

oct14, 7

Daniella enjoying a cup of hot chocolate afterwards……

oct14, 3

On the way back we stopped by for a quick sop in Sedona, Little ‘Joe’ and yours truly snap a quick one by Oak Creek…….

oct14, 2


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