Who is Michele Ghislieri?

battle of lepanto

443 years ago today, October 7, led by the incomparable Don Juan, Christendom was saved from the heavily favored Ottoman Turks and the Muslim Empire in the Battle of Lepanto, commonly known as the greatest Naval battle in history.

Michele Ghislieri became Pope Pius V and thereafter canonized Saint Pope Pius V. I took St. Pope Pius V as ‘my’ saint when I was confirmed in 2008. An amazing battle, Pope Pius V organized The Holy League when confronted by the rise of Islam and its pursuit of its overtaking all of Europe. All through Europe “The Pope of The Rosary”, St. Pope Pius V instituted the rosary from dawn to dusk, all the while Don Juan carried a portrait/flag of Our Lady of Guadalupe on his battleship, a rare shift of the winds took place and within hours, over 30,000 muslim Turks were killed and Christendom was saved from being over run from muslim rule.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI had warned us….here’s to Pope Francis channeling Pope St. Pius V!


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