Two Schoolgirls Who Escaped from Boko Haram Describe Their Abduction and Captivity

Great story from The Blaze.

“Precious” and “Hope” are pseudonyms of the two girls the Blazed talked to. They were aided by a group calling itself “Unlikely Heroes,” which combats sex-trafficking and similar crimes.

“Didn’t we tell you, you weren’t supposed to go to school,” one of them yelled, Precious recalled. “We came to make you obey what we said.

Then they wanted to know where the boys’ dormitory was located: “Where are the boys?”The fighters didn’t believe the girls when they told them “the boys didn’t spend the night at the school,” Hope said. The male students all went home after their lessons.

“We will keep the girls alive but we are going to kill the boys,” the men said, Precious recalled. They tried to persuade them, offering, “show us where the boys are and we’ll let you go. We think you are lying.”

There were three girls, however, the militants didn’t have room for. One of the men shouted, “Are you Christian or Muslim?”

One of the girls was a Muslim, so she was allowed to run home, Precious said.

One of the Christian girls was pushed to the ground and a militant placed the muzzle of his weapon against her head.

“Renounce your faith or we kill you,” he said.

“It’s better to die than to renounce Christ,” the girl replied, Precious said.

He yelled it again, Precious said, pushing the girl farther into the hard earth. Then he let her up.

When the captors stopped at the camp in the forest where the girls were held the first night, Hope remembers one of the commanders saying, “From today, we change your religion to Muslim, from today we’ll treat you like a Muslim. Our objective is that we kill all the non-Muslim men and then we’ll marry you. This is our plan. This is why we are doing this.”


The media doesn’t seem interested in this story. It’s possible they don’t like being scooped by the Blaze, or maybe they just don’t like that Precious and Hope relate a tale that isn’t just about the victimization of girls (an acceptable cause to the left) but also about Muslim victimization of Christians.


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