Obama Enters Putin’s World

Another day, another  brilliant analysis by Daniel Greenfield ….excerpt:

“The progressive spin is that Putin’s invasion, as the Center for American Progress put it, is “an act of weakness, not strength — an act, as Kerry aptly characterized it, anachronistic in both moral and strategic terms… fundamentally mismatched to 21st century realities.”

In the upside down world of progressive soft power, invading another country is an act of weakness while being unable to do anything about it is an act of strength. Weakness is the new strength and strength is the new weakness.

Comment: Wow! This is rich. The Center for American Progress used the “M” word. That alone makes their statement laughable. But if invasion is “anachronistic in both moral and strategic terms,” why are they defending, enabling, and encouraging the spread of Islam, which is as anachronistic as it gets? Is stoning your wife, castrating a slave, or beheading an infidel well matched to “21st Century realities?”

Ex- KGB, world leadership, foreign policy experience versus Community Organizin’ experience is showing. I hate it, but it’s reality. More from Mr. Greenfield……

Meetings, committees and conferences, international organizations, multilateral initiatives and all the other dross with which the great powers occupy themselves are nothing more than the elite rituals of an exclusive club whose members have forgotten that it was their wealth and armies that made them powers, not their committee meetings.

The progressive delusion of a modern world with no room for armies and invasions falls apart the moment that a barbarian rides in on a horse brandishing a rifle with a bayonet and shows that it can be done despite all the free trade agreements and G8 summits in the world.

Obama and Kerry find themselves, like time travelers thrown back in time to the 19th century or the 1950s, stuck in a world that plays by Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Vladimir Putin rules, where no one knows that invading other countries is passé and that power is achieved at summits and not at the point of a gun.

Like the nerds at the back of the cafeteria they pretend that the jocks who invade other countries will flunk out and have to work in a Moscow shoe store and eventually everyone will recognize that real power is being able to denounce the uncivilized ruffians as backward cretins in the school paper.

And if that doesn’t happen, due to the nature of power in the modern world, they won’t be able to do anything about it anyway.


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