Hillary’s Accomplishments

Resumes are oh so deceiving.

When pressing for information on some notable lefties regarding Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, smart guy lawyer, Con-Law Professor and Radio Talk Show Host Hugh Hewitt admirably does his job ….on live national radio.

The interviewees  The New York Times’ Mark Leibovich, E.J. Dionne,  Lanny Davis, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, Politico’s Maggie Haberman, and from the other side….. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker all get one of those great un-answerable questions.

hillary, lavrov pic

Here’s a great exchange with Mark Leibovich……

HH: Now the, I’m going to quote from This Town, Mark Leibovich’s very significant bestselling book of 2013. “When you spend time in Washington, you have to make sure if you’re going to be honest about it, that it’s not going to bleed into your own sensibility as a journalist or as a public figure or whatever, because it’s so easy to fall into that trap.” You said that to me in July. With that in mind, how would you describe Hillary Clinton’s achievements as Secretary of State?

ML: Geez. Look, I think, I don’t cover the State Department. Look, you have that look on your face like you expect me to duck this question.

HH: No, I expect you not to be able to say anything, because she didn’t do anything.

ML: I actually didn’t, I don’t, here’s the deal. I have not written any stories on Hillary Clinton since 2008. How about, what’s like the graceful way to duck a question?

HH: Not even duck, just as if we’re playing Jeopardy!.

ML: Yeah, I honestly don’t know.

HH: Nobody can come up with anything, Mark.

ML: Yeah, let’s see. What did she do? I mean, she traveled a lot. That’s the thing. They’re always like, well, she logged eight zillion miles. It’s like, since when did that become like diplomacy by odometer?

Here’s the rest……


One response to “Hillary’s Accomplishments

  • joegringo

    Not to confuse the smart guy tag with “The Smart Guys” on HH’s show, lawyers Erwin Chemerinsky and John Eastman!

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