The Only Good Republican….

The good Republican who has the bad taste to stay alive will only enjoy a temporary vacation in the good graces of the media. It does not matter how often he pays fealty to global warming, gun control, gay marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens, or his willingness to appear on morning shows to bemoan the extremism of the Tea Party; the time will come when he will be dragged out of the Saturday Night Live studio and the CNN green room, hung from a tree and beaten with a stick for the enlightenment of the people.

The good Republican imagines that if he is decently centrist enough, he will be allowed to drive on the luxurious wide lane to the left where all traffic violations are forgiven and there is no speed limit, but unfortunately for him, he is still stuck in the same right lane as Michele Bachmann, Allen West and all the other enemies of the state where driving at any speed is considered an unsafe traffic violation.

In a country where the center is defined by the institutions of the left, the center ceases to exist. That center which the good Republican strives for is a mirage made of moonbeams and shifting goal posts.

 Daniel Greenfield…..No Country for Liberal Republicans

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