Gov’t Car Insurance

Ever see last years movie…”Now You See Me”? Not great by any stretch, but imo, clever and fun. Take away the hand that’s directly in front of your face so you can see the whole picture…that’s the theme.. Distraction.

Now something to think about….which commercials dominate tv/cable? GEICO, Progressive, All State, Farmers, etc….car/auto insurance ads. Some are pretty funny…agree? Enjoy ’em for now. Gone are the days, or the days are certainly limited to a miniscule amount, of health insurance ads….”You’re in good hands with All State”…”Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there”…etc….remember those?

Well, the day may not be too far away when auto insurance gets the ‘ol axe for single payer, or government insurance, ’cause that’s the goal.

Just imagine single payer….or….. government car insurance.


One response to “Gov’t Car Insurance

  • Damian

    Hey Joe, scary thought. The DMV nightmare for everything is closer than most of us thought that is until we repeal Obamacare and vote in new leaders.

    ps- followed you a few years ago, glad to see you’re still out there!


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