Karl Rove Gave Grover Norquist $26 Million in 2012


It was Rove. It wasn’t Hamas-CAIR or the SPLC or Rachel Maddow or any of the jackbooted tools of Islamic supremacists on the left that drew blood against the counter-jihad movement — it was Rove.
He was most responsible for Bush’s nonsense about Islam being a “religion of peace.” There were other voices. There were more rational, more reasoned voices, such as Rumsfeld and Doug Feith, who at least wanted to address the jihad threat.

It was Rove. He was Barzini. Rove made it toxic at center-right media outlets to talk about jihad and Islamic supremacism.

At Fox, he was wrong about election night. He got it all wrong on Romney, just like Dick Morris, but Morris was fired. Rove was not.

Rove is the most powerful fixer on the right. And he gave tens of millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood operative Norquist.
What’s his game?

“Documents: Karl Rove Gave Grover Norquist $26 Million in 2012” by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, November 26, 2013
Tax documents from Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS show that Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) is largely funded by Rove, ProPublica’s Kim Barker reports.

“Social welfare nonprofits, also known as dark money groups because they don’t have to report their donors, are allowed to spend money on politics as long as their primary purpose is social welfare,” Barker wrote on Monday. “The groups often count so-called issue ads that stop short of advocating for or against a candidate and grants toward that social welfare mission. Since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision allowed corporations and unions to spend directly on election ads, these nonprofits have turned into the vehicle of choice for anonymous spending, dumping more than $254 million into the 2012 elections. Of the 150 or so social welfare nonprofits that reported spending to the Federal Election Commission during the 2012 election cycle, Crossroads was king, the biggest anonymous spender by far. Americans for Tax Reform came in fourth, with $15.8 million.”

On its 2012 tax return, Barker reported, the biggest grant Rove’s Crossroads GPS gave to anybody was a $26.4 million grant it gave to Norquist’s ATR for “social welfare.”

There are also questions about the legality of Rove’s and Norquist’s arrangement, Barker noted throughout her piece, questioning the use of the money for politicking.

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