Today in History….November 15

On this day in . . .

  1777, after 16 months of debate the Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation

  1854, in Egypt, the Suez Canal, linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, is given the necessary royal concession

  1859, the first modern revival of the Olympic Games takes place in Athens, Greece

  1864, during the Civil War: Union General William Tecumseh Sherman burns Atlanta, Georgia and starts Sherman’s March to the Sea

  1867, the first stock ticker is unveiled in New York City. The advent of the ticker ultimately revolutionized the stock market by making up-to-the-minute prices available to investors around the country. Prior to this development, information from the New York Stock Exchange, which has been around since 1792, traveled by mail or messenger

  1920, first assembly of the League of Nations is held in Geneva

  1939, in Washington, D.C., US President Franklin D. Roosevelt lays the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial

  1957, in a long and rambling interview with an American reporter, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev claims that the Soviet Union has missile superiority over the United States and challenges America to a missile “shooting match” to prove his assertion. The interview further fueled fears in the United States that the nation was falling perilously behind the Soviets in the arms race 

  1959, four members of the Herbert Clutter Family are murdered at their farm outside Holcomb, Kansas. The crime is chronicled in what’s considered the first “non-fiction novel”, In Cold Blood by author Truman Capote

  1965 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, 28-year-old Californian Craig Breedlove sets a new land-speed record — 600.601 miles per hour — in his car, the Spirit of America, which cost $250,000 and is powered by a surplus engine from a Navy jet

  1971, Intel releases world’s first commercial single-chip microprocessor, the 4004

  1988, an independent State of Palestine is proclaimed by the Palestinian National Council. This must be what commentators and journalists mean when they refer to Judea and Samaria as “Palestine”. 

  2001, President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin failed to resolve their dispute over U.S. missile shield plans but pledged to fight terrorism and deepen U.S.-Russian ties as their summit, which began at the White House before shifting to Bush’s Texas ranch, came to a close

  2005, baseball players and owners agreed on a tougher steroids-testing policy

  2006, O.J. Simpson caused an uproar with plans for a TV interview and book titled “If I Did It,” in which Simpson describes how he would have committed the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. (The project was scrapped after an outcry condemning it as revolting and exploitive.)

  2010, a House ethics committee panel began closed-door deliberations on 13 counts of alleged financial and fundraising misconduct by U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., who walked out of the proceeding after pleading unsuccessfully for more time to raise money for a lawyer. (Rangel was convicted the next day of 11 rules violations.)

  2012, The Justice Department announced that BP had agreed to plead guilty to a raft of charges in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill pay a record $4.5 billion, including nearly $1.3 billion in criminal fines. The settlement came 2 1/2 years after the fiery drilling-rig explosion killed 11 workers and touched off the nation’s largest offshore oil spill. ALSO: Turkish Foreign Minister Agmet Davutoglu announced Turkey had joined France and several Arab states in officially recognizing a coalition of rebels as legitimate leaders in war-torn Syria


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