Someday, the World Will Have To Pay Attention To Africa

There is considerable irony in the fact that Barack Obama, John Kerry and liberals in general, both in the U.S. and in Europe, are up in arms about the fact that Jews are building houses in East Jerusalem, while those same liberals care nothing about what is happening to the Southwest, in Africa, where millions are being slaughtered.

Islam is on the march in Africa. Conquering terrorist armies have carried out Mohammed’s commands to the letter, murdering Christians and other “infidels” in numbers that probably never will be counted, since the world doesn’t care. The Muslim offensive has swept over Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Libya, Mali and now the Central African Republic. The modus operandi is always the same, the merciless mass murder and enslavement that Mohammed enjoined his followers to commit.

Islam can be defeated by military force, but at the moment, there is no such countervailing force to be found in the Central African Republic. UPI tells the sad story:

The mineral-rich Central African Republic is collapsing into chaos amid a worsening religious conflict between Christians and Muslims that could trigger genocide and bring more upheaval to a region already beset by turmoil, observers warn.

So we have a “Christian-Muslim conflict”–hey, it sounds like the Christians could be responsible!–but at the same time, genocide is threatened. If you keep reading, you can sort it all out:

“The state has collapsed and this country is now simply plundered, looted, the women are raped, people are killed by thugs,” [Gerard Araud, France’s ambassador to the United Nations] said. “The country has fallen into anarchy.”

Read the rest from John Hinderaker…..


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