Nancy Pelosi: ‘I’m here on a mission’

As much as I loathe & dislike Nancy Pelosi, she’s definitely a mover and a shaker. For those clamoring over Hillary Clinton (my despise needle is off the charts) and her upcoming coronation as President, please let us know of her accomplishments while in office, other than traveling and holding office as First Lady, Senator and Sec. of State.  An awesome resume, tough to beat for sure….yet with zero/negative accomplishments….and couldn’t hold a candle to Nancy Pelosi as far as getting things done.

While many thought the California Democrat would step down as House minority  leader after this Congress, Pelosi confidants now believe she will remain atop  House leadership through 2016 and maybe even longer.
“I’m not here on a shift. I’m here on a mission — and when my work is done,  that’s when I will leave,” Pelosi said in a recent interview with POLITICO.

Read the rest here…….


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